Your Entry Ticket to the Music Career

Ever wondered what your life can look like if you become a rockstar?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. But it could be difficult for beginners to quickly grasp all ins and outs of guitar craft. And thus stay motivated before the fire burns out.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: get the right instrument, designed and manufactured specifically with beginners in mind.

The second good news is that you’re in the right place. We’re here to give you a solid kickstart for your career by providing you with the best starter models for a demanding beginner.



Even if you’re about to start from scratch, there’s a quick way to move from learning first chords at home to debuting on the stage. And we don’t mean taking shortcuts. Instead, we want to make your passion-driven hard work as efficient as possible.

Check our variety of beginner-friendly instruments: we have electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitars… As well as a wide range of ukuleles in vivid, eye-catching finishes.

At Arrow, we firmly believe that the world deserves more great music.

And we believe in you.

Can’t afford an expensive guitar?
Buy an awesome one.


Why Arrow guitars?

We’ve found some decent arguments!


Electric Guitars

LP Series

Kickstart your career with one of Arrow LP's; guitars inspired by the music industry icons. Perfect instruments for any subgenre of rock or blues. Featuring a mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a pair of humbucker pickups.

SG Series

A perfect combination of striking looks and impressive sound – made especially for those who want to play heavier. Comes with a mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and two powerful humbuckers.

ST Series

Unmistakable shapes, impressive wood resonance, careful craftsmanship… See the variety of our Arrow ST electric guitars – perfect models for rock, blues, and everything that lies between.

TL Series

Choose Arrow TL as your starter guitar and get carried away with the pristine sound quality from day one. Will suit you fine during practice at home, first sessions with your band, and on the stage.

Ready to rock the stage?

You better be, ’cause with any Arrow guitar on your side, you’ll land there in a matter of months rather than years.

Take a peek at our collections of sought-after electrics for every playing style.

Bass Guitars

Fancy some lower frequencies? We’ve got you covered!

Our basses allow you to stand out among other instruments in your band. Have no band yet? No worries – get an Arrow bass, and you’ll find one in no time.

Louisiana Series

Featuring recognizable shapes, poplar bodies, maple necks, and efficient pickup circuits. End effect? A collection of bass beauties able to create some real sonic magic.

Session Bass Series

Legendary shape, poplar body, Canadian maple neck, and more-than-just-good electronics – this is our recipe for outstanding bass guitar from Arrow Session Bass Series!

Acoustic Guitars

Ah, acoustic guitar… The bedrock of countless musical genres throughout decades and the first choice for many stars all across the world.

Looking for something special to get started? Check out our carefully crafted acoustic collections!

Bronze Series

Introducing a neat combination of the Dreadnought-shape elegance with a pristine sound. Featuring a satin finish with open pores, multi-layer binding on the top, and the finest materials – a spruce top and mahogany sides, back, and neck.

Seria Silver

Marked by a distinct sound, Silver Series features guitars with a solid wood body – Koa or spruce. Each model has a mahogany neck, 20-fret fingerboard, multi-layer binding on the top, and a 650 mm scale.

Classical Guitars

Craving for a perfect classical guitar to quickly jump into action and turn an inspiring hobby into something more? We hear you!

Now’s the time to be heard by your audience. Pick your favorite among our range of classical guitars for every taste and genre.