MH10 MH Concert Mahogany Plus

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The Arrow MH-10 is a ukulele that is gaining huge popularity, thanks to its very good acoustic performance and interesting design. They are decorated with original delicate touches such as a stylish rosette, as well as the characteristic logo on the headstock. They are characterised by a very clear sound and an exceptional richness of harmonics. The Arrow presents itself very well in the hands of both beginners and more advanced musicians. High-quality materials have been used in their construction, which guarantee a great sound. They have a mahogany body to which a neck of the same wood has been glued. Closed, precision-tuned keys are an essential accessory, as fine tuning the ukulele is not a simple matter. Closed keys with the right gear ratio allow a firm grip and can make this process much easier. Our ukulele is in an open pore finish, which means that when you hold it, you are in contact with the wood, coated only with a protective oil and not varnish, and this is an added advantage for those who value the closest possible contact with the instrument. The instrument is fitted with Aquila brand strings. The ukulele comes complete with a case in black with a white Arrow Guitars logo. To start with, they are available in (Concerto) models. You can see Sarsa in the photo in the 2018 Arrow ukulele calendar.


  • top: mahogany, open pores
  • sides and back: mahogany, open pores
  • finish: satin


  • neck: mahogany
  • fingerboard:
  • frets: nickel, 18
  • scale: 377mm
  • inlays: Arrow logo engraving and dots
  • headstock: Arrow logo


  • keys: closed nickel
  • saddle/string: 34mm/53mm
  • strings: Aquila
  • set: case in black with Arrow Guitars logo